Mobile Phone Stores

Thought it was timely to let you all know out there that Repair My Mobile Phone now has more Mobile Phones Stores around Australia.So, where ever you go, we can hopefully help fix that mobile phone for you.


Ah, Sydney, one of my favorites parts of Australia, especially Sydney North. It’s also the only state where we have been asked if we could fix their cell phone ? Well, mate, it’s not America here and we don’t really use that term, but we love fixing your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, so bring it on in.


Where it all began for your bump or scratch repairs and that wonderful iPhone or Samsung. It’s still the head office and continues to set the standard with the best deals and now accessories which are cheap compared to some of the phone cases we have seen around in the retail stores.


Really looking forward to the expansion of the Adelaide store with numbers starting to grow mainly from the Adelaide train station and Adelaide South. The kind people from Adelaide seem to like the phones cases and our monthly mobile phone deals with a few looking at unlocking the mobile phones because of lost passwords.


A little bit of a slow starter but we know it’s been cold over there on the east coast, so maybe a few people have been keeping inside where we know the HTC or blackberry has a much better rate of survival. That is if you didn’t purchase a Samsung Note 7 which unfortunately has seen better times for our good friends down at the Samsung factory.


So remember folks, now we have the ability to rescue your sony or fix your Nokia in four states around this beautiful country. We are also looking at other increasing our Mobile Phone Stores in other states over time. We love your mobile phone, iPad, tablet or even your computer screen, so don’t be shy – simply give us a try.